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​10 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: April 2017

Nostalgia has been at the forefront of Hollywood for a long while, but last month’s box office offerings really took that trend to new heights. In particular, releases like Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers, T2: Trainspotting and Ghost in the Shell banked on moviegoers’ interest in reliving the early-to-mid 1990s, to mostly successful results. Elsewhere, Kong: Skull Island and Logan marked a pivotal resurgence and curtain call, respectively, for their title characters.

Moving into April, the weeks ahead bring far fewer anticipated blockbusters (save for one particular franchise installment). However, there’s certainly no shortage of promising films on the docket, from broad comedies and taut thrillers to some engaging smaller releases featuring some of the industry’s top talent. So, before the onslaught of summer movie season kicks into gear in May, let’s take a quick look at what’s arriving in a theater near you this month.

Here are 10 films to check out in April 2017:


Going in Style may be a remake of the 1979 film with which it shares its name, but the appeal of Oscar winners Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin will likely go a long way toward making the film as relevant as ever. The film marks director Zach Braff’s third big-screen effort and the first in which he doesn’t star.

Following the same basic premise as the original film, Going in Style follows three senior citizens who turn to bank robbery to recoup the funds they’ve lost due to their cancelled pensions. We can safely assume that hilarity ensues, and while it remains to be seen whether the script will be up to snuff, the fact that it is written by filmmaker Theodore Melfi (Hidden Figures) probably bodes well for the finished product.

Check out the latest trailer for Going in Style.


Hitting limited release this month, Colossal stars Anne Hathaway as a woman who returns to her hometown after losing her job in New York and discovers a surprising connection between her mental state and a horrific monster attack in South Korea. If that premise alone doesn’t have you at least intrigued, may we add the fact that Legion and Beauty and the Beast star Dan Stevens makes an appearance?

Colossal might just be one of the more offbeat films arriving in theaters in April, but the sci-fi comedy might prove to be a sleeper hit with its distinctive take on the kaiju genre. It also marks the latest project for writer/director Nacho Vigalondo, who is still best known for his mind-bending 2007 time travel thriller Timecrimes. If Colossal is half as engrossing as that film, moviegoers are in for something special.

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While the world debates whether or not Chris Evans will don his iconic Captain America costume beyond the fourth Avengers film, the actor is wasting no time filling his schedule between appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Gifted (in limited release this month), he plays the uncle of a mathematically advanced girl (Mckenna Grace) who is drawn into a custody battle with his own mother.

Featuring a solid supporting cast that includes Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate and Lindsay Duncan, Gifted – not to be confused with Fox’s upcoming X-Men show, though few really would – could be just the grounded drama moviegoers need before the onslaught of blockbusters invade theater screens. Similarly, it marks filmmaker Marc Webb’s first directorial effort since The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Check out the latest trailer for Gifted.


Many would say that anime rarely gets the respect or attention it deserves in the American mainstream. Well, those moviegoers will have yet another chance to support these films when Your Name arrives in limited release this month. The new film from Makoto Shinkai (The Garden of Words) already has a reputation to live up to stateside, having become the highest-grossing.

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