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​15 Things You Didn’t Know About Family Guy

​15 Things You Didn’t Know About Family Guy MovieRipe
Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy has cemented itself as one of the greatest animated comedies of all time. At this point there are The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy: the other cartoons are on a different level. Family Guy has made 15 seasons that span 18 years, and each new episode continues to top the one before it. No longer are cartoons only for children to watch on Saturday mornings. They are now a late-night must-watch for the skeptical young-adult.

It’s impossible to underestimate the impact that Family Guy has had on pop culture. Actors and directors have become such fans of the series that they allow themselves to be the butt of jokes. Actors like James Woods and Ryan Reynolds have made appearances on the show. Even George Lucas, someone who is notoriously critical of parody work, allowed MacFarlane to use popular Star Wars characters in a parody episode because he is a fan of the show.

With a show like this, that has been on forever, there are a lot of facts that go under the radar. Here are 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Family Guy.


There have been multiple programs and episodes that preempted the creation of the Family Guy we know and love today. Much has changed over the years, including voice actors, animation and themes. On small detail that often goes unnoticed by many fans is the fact that Lois was actually a blonde in the pilot episode.

Lois is known for her iconic red hairdo, but the original version of Lois was a blonde. The pilot was green-lit by Fox, and Seth MacFarlane, the show’s creator, made the episode with the small $50,000 budget they allocated him. There appears to be no real reason that Lois’ hair color changed. It may have been to make her character stand out more, but a blonde Lois is a rather striking sight after years of watching a redhead.

In a season 11 episode, Lois goes back to blonde in an attempt to catch Peter sleeping with a phone sex operator (who was actually Lois). It speaks to Peter’s intelligence that he can’t recognize his wife, who was initially blonde, when she’s wearing a blonde wig.


Many people know that Seth MacFarlane uses his real voice when he voices the character Brian, but the two share more than just a similar way of speaking. Brian is positioned as the voice of reason in this crazy house, and MacFarlane’s own voice and comments come through the character of the family dog. Many of his left-leaning political views and his rationality are similar to the way MacFarlane himself thinks.

MacFarlane, though, doesn’t give Brian any special treatment. Brian is often the butt of the joke, and his pompous attitude and tendencies are made fun of in many episodes. The writers even killed Brian off for a while in 2013, having him be hit by a car and subsequently gone from the plot.

Brian serves as the voice of the audience in many cases, and it makes sense that the most relatable character is based on the creator of the show.


There is much debate among residents of possible Rhode Island towns about which hamlet is the inspiration for Quahog. The fictional town of Quahog has a few potential locations based on its geographical surroundings, but the fact that there is a coastline in some episodes narrows it down to only Cranston and Providence, with the former being the most likely.

Quahog itself is actually remarkably similar to Cranston, Rhode Island as far as scenery goes, and this was intentional. MacFarlane, the shows creator, wanted the show to be set in a specific location. The setting of The Simpsons, Springfield, is almost exactly the opposite. Springfield is a common name for a town, and there are many possible locations that it can take place.

The town of Cranston, Rhode Island grounds the characters in a unique location. This specific setting allows for local jokes and references that would otherwise be meaningless.


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