10 Animated Movie Moments That Make Kids Feel Awkward Around Parents

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The guys who make kids films know that parents are going to get dragged along too, so they put in a few jokes for the adults to appreciate. Most of the time, these jokes will go right over a kids head, but sometimes kid’s aren’t quite as innocent as we might believe, and they understand the jokes, which can be a little awkward when watching with the whole family. With that in mind, today we’re looking at ten movie moments that made kids feel awkward around parents, including some from our own childhoods.

Had you noticed all of the sexual humour in kids films? Such as how Syndrome noted that Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible had got busy, or how we actually see them getting together a little more than we’d like to, such as when she pulls him back into bed? How about when The Emperor’s New Groove tricked us into thinking that Yzma was about to flash us? Or how in Ratatouille, Linguini tries to tell Colette about Remy, but his description of his little friend causes her to glance below the belt? Or Buzz Lightyear’s response to Jessie which kind of looks like the space ranger equivalent to being a teenage boy? Or how Mr. Potato Head is furious about Lotso taking his wife’s mouth because that part of her anatomy is reserved for him and their marriage only?

And that is all ignoring the kids in Monster House having a really good knowledge of female anatomy.

Script by: Alisha Ward

Voice Over by: Ryan George

Edited by: Veronika Zelenne

The Incredibles | 0:20
Toy Story 2 | 1:23
Toy Story 3 | 2:23
Monster House | 3:27
Pinocchio | 4:24
Shrek | 5:28
Ratatouille | 6:30
Zootopia | 7:34
The Emperor’s New Groove | 8:38
Toy Story 3 & The Holocaust | 9:40

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