10 Shocking Disney Pixar Theories That Actually Make Sense

10 legit theories about Pixar animated movies from Disney.

Pixar has cemented itself as the golden standard in animation. Each one of their movies pulls at our heartstrings and fills us with so much joy, yet can make us cry without any warning. For example, think of the first few minutes of Up, whenever “Remember Me” from Coco plays and even watching a little Bao grow up in a short. Every part of Pixar’s storytelling is extremely calculated and that’s what makes them so great. They have a tried and true formula and they stick with it.

That being said, there are TONS of theories out there surmising what goes on in between the scenes of a Pixar movie, looking through the story and seeing the secrets that lie within the film. Some seem so legit that we kinda have to believe them. Sounds nuts, right? Well, these Pixar Theories may just convince you otherwise! Stay tuned to find out!



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