4 Reasons Girls Think You’re Unattractive

Why don’t girls like you? There are certain things that put girls off and prevent them from getting to know you. A lot of people are guided by first impressions, so the way you present yourself to the world does matter. If you know what does and doesn’t attract girls, you can give yourself a better chance of succeeding in your love life. Check out these 4 reasons why you might be failing with the ladies and what you can do instead!

A bad sense of humor 1:06
The clothes you wear 2:51
Ego problems 4:37
Lack of cleanliness 5:40

– You can be smart, handsome, and successful, but if you have a bad sense of humor, you probably won’t have much luck with the ladies. Having a good sense of humor can work wonders for men. It’s a very attractive feature that proves you can make light of heavy situations, you can look on the bright side of things, and that you have healthy coping mechanisms for stressors.
– Nobody said there’s anything wrong with being comfortable. But if you’re doing it at the cost of looking presentable, then girls will probably decide to pass on you.
– If you have an inflated ego, chances are girls will find that unattractive. If you love to talk about yourself, point out all of your accomplishments, and be the top dog in every situation, then you’ll quickly put people off. Having a big ego is a warning sign for a girl that you might be hiding your insecurity or compensating for something you’re missing.
– Cleanliness is an important aspect when it comes to attraction. When people see something dirty or smelly, their natural reaction is to move farther away or wrinkle their nose. You don’t wanna elicit the same reaction, especially from a girl you’re interested in!



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