Are You Different Than the Average Teen?

Why do teenagers have such a hard time? No age group is without its struggles. But teens today have to face a lot of problems that older generations didn’t. This only exacerbates the issue of parents trying to connect with their adolescent children. We’re gonna tell you where “teen angst” really comes from.

Why teens are more likely to be impulsive 0:56
Teens and social media 2:33
Is cell phones a real problem? 3:53
What the source of teenagers anxiety or depression is 4:47
What the path of today’s teenagers is 6:32

– Part of teens rebellious streak comes from the fact that the frontal lobes of the teenage brain won’t be fully developed until the age of 25. This makes teens more likely to be impulsive and to engage in risky behaviors compared to adults.
– Many young people are able to form significant friendships within online communities, especially if they tend to be more introverted in real life.
– More so than those who were younger when social media was a brand-spanking new thing, adolescents today know their way around the Internet and don’t need to be monitored as much as little kids.
– With a lot of parents struggling to get by, many teenagers have no choice when it comes to getting a job and helping with family expenses.
– Many researchers have noticed a spike in mental illness (like anxiety and depression) and developmental disorders (such as autism and ADHD) among today’s teens. Yet many experts and parents alike wrongfully put everything down to cell phones.
– If you ask any adolescent what the source of their anxiety or depression is, most will give you the same answer: school. Adults have created a crucible of mental illness for teens in the form of the education system.
– Evolutionary biologists have come up with The Life History Theory. According to it, a person’s perception of how hostile their environment is directly correlates to their mental, emotional, and psychological growth rate.


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