OMG! Weird & Wonderful reviews are back! and in today’s video I’m testing out a WTF weird AF product – peel off eyeliner!! Is it worth the hype or a total beauty fail??! Only one way to find out, so i’m trying out the new products, and putting them to the test in today’s first impressions and review video!

I often use affiliate links in my YouTube description box. This will redirect you through an affiliate
website which may track if you purchase a product I have linked to. Clicking an affiliate link does not
cost you any extra, nor will it affect your purchase in anyway. I may receive commission from any
purchases you make. If you don’t want to click one – google is your friend to find your own way to the product! Em x

Receiving PR products does NOT mean a positive review will be given. Honesty is everything on this channel.

All opinions are solely those by EM Ford. I only use products & cosmetics I believe in, and do my very best
to cover a wide variety of looks, including high end beauty and affordable drugstore options for acne coverage.
If you’re struggling to cover any acne scars, then check out my acne playlist! x


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