That’s How Much Our World Has Changed

Do you remember the days when phones were attached to the wall or when kids used to play together out in the yard? I know, shocking! Welcome to the future, where technological advancement is so great that…perhaps we’ve become dependent on it? Whether technology is a friend or foe, it’s certainly changed our lives dramatically, and we’ve got 14 examples of “Then vs Now” to prove just that!

The evolution of people and their computers 1:07
Breakups 1:53
Marriage 2:24
Withdrawing cash 2:49
Movie theaters 3:22
Corporal punishment in schools 3:51
Population 4:15
Housing 4:42
Socializing with friends 5:04
How kids play 5:21
Phone calls 5:47
Entertainment 6:06
Work 6:24
Family structure 6:41

– In 1996 Americans with Internet access spent less than 30 minutes a month surfing the web. Yet these days, people spend about 15 hours or more a week in front of their computers, TVs, and smartphones.
– The new generation is too practical to cry over lost things and people. They’re explorers and adventure seekers.
– Partners still share a bed, but a different kind of distance has grown between them. The biggest hindrance between couples these days is the increased use of technology.
– Who knew that just a few decades later, we’d be getting our money out just like you would a cold soda from a vending machine.
– Over 100 countries have already banned the use of corporal punishment on children in schools. And if a teacher decides to break the law and put their hands on a student, news travels fast thanks to social media and that teacher will face the consequences!
– Worldometers puts the current global population at more than 7.6 billion and growing.
– On an overpopulated planet with a housing situation the way it is, cities don’t have the space and people don’t have the money for large homes.
– There was a time when kids would get together and go out to play. Outdoor activity was a great source of physical exercise and helped strengthen their social bonds.
– There used to be these ancient things called picnics, house parties, and backyard social gatherings.
– Huge piles of paperwork and long nights at the office have now been replaced by an array of work-from-home options.


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