Joker Movie: Joaquin Phoenix & Zazie Beetz Spotted Together in New Photos

Joker Movie: Joaquin Phoenix & Zazie Beetz Spotted Together in New Photos
Joker Movie: Joaquin Phoenix & Zazie Beetz Spotted Together in New Photos

Joaquin Phoenix and Zazie Beetz are spotted for the first time together as they film for Todd Phillips’ Joker. Warner Bros. and DC Films travel back in time to the ’80s to give one of the most popular comic book villains his own origin story. Fans were initially skeptical of the idea of the film but with names like Robert De Niro, Marc Maron, and Brett Cullen, who will play Thomas Wayne attached, not to mention some really interesting reveals from Phillips, people are starting to warm up to the idea.

The first of a slew of projects that will fall under a brand new banner for DC Films that may be called DC Dark or DC Black, Joker will not be narratively connected to the DCEU giving it more wiggle room to craft its own story. Plot specifics for the film are still unknown but it will introduce fans to the character when he was known as simply Arthur before assuming the identity of the Joker. While no word yet on the possibility of a young Bruce Wayne appearing in Joker, rumor has it that the movie will reveal a deeper connection between the arch-nemesis, as they apparently have the same biological father, making them half-brothers.

A batch of brand new images from the set of Joker reveals Phoenix and Beetz having a casual conversation over coffee. Filmed at night which gives the said scene a more intimate vibe, the characters are in a diner-type setting and looks to be having a good time with each other. Check out the images over at Just Jared.

Beetz’s character is still officially unnamed despite the fact that Philipps previously released an official portrait for her character like he did with Phoenix’s Arthur. But it’s believed that she’ll be a single mom supposedly named Sophie Dumond, who is the subject of the villain’s interest. That latter bit of information seems to be backed up by the new images as Arthur appears to be genuinely relaxed and even happy while he spends some time with Beetz – something that fans haven’t really seen from previously leaked images from the set of the film. Should this be the case, Phillips’ movie is more likely attempting to ground the titular character by highlighting his relationships before possibly going totally mad and transforming into the Clown Prince of Crime.

Production for Joker is expected to continue with several photo and video leaks emerging online after principal photography started last month, and that should still be the case if there’s more scheduled outside filming in the near future. However, if Phillips’ approach to the film’s PR is any indication, fans can expect that more official information regarding the project will be released moving forward.

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