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Top frequently asked questions

How do I watch the video full screen on your website?

To watch our videos in Full Screen Cinematic Style

Simply click the play button to watch video and on the video player bottom right hand corner you would see a box shape icon simply click on this icon to watch our video in fullscreen Mode.

I’m watching my video in fullscreen mode but I don’t know how to return to the normal viewing mode?

If you’re watching our videos in fullscreen on your mobile. The square icon you used to go into fullscreen mode is the same icon you would click to come out of fullscreen mode. Please Note the square icon in fullscreen mode changes to Inward square.

If you’re watching our videos on your Desktops or Laptops in fullscreen mode. It’s a case of pressing the ESC button on your keybord to come out of fullscreen mode.

The website is slowing down considerably whilst browsing, how do I fix this?

We understand that browsing with speed is very important to enjoy our videos. We would suggest that you close any other tabs you might have open or simply restart your browser so that our browsing cookie would register on to your browser for faster viewing. Please note visiting our website for the first time would take time to load as the website cookie has only just registered on to your browsers cookies. Once this is done visiting our website for the second time would be much faster.  Ensure that you only have 1 or 2 applications running as having multiple applications running at the same time takes RAM space and this will slow down your browser considerably.

I clicked the play button on your video and it’s not working?

To fix this issue please close the browser and launch it again. Please ensure your browser has the latest flash installed. If we have any issue with our videos not playing we would notify everyone via our home page.

How do I leave a review?

To leave us a review please scroll below any of our content and you leave us a feedback there.

What is the meaning of DonTaigaGames?

So Don means The Boss Taiga means (the coniferous evergreen forests of subarctic lands, covering vast areas of northern North America and Eurasia) in other words a large area or large amount – Games means (a form of competitive activity or sport played according to rules). Boss + Large area + Sport played with Rules = DonTaigaGames

How do cookies work for your website?

Our cookies work to suit your needs for our website whether you want to browse faster or watch our video with a smoother download speed. Please visit our Cookies Explained Page to have a better knowledge of how cookies work on our website.

How do I search on your website?

We have a search bar service on our website that searches every single content on our site if you are unable to find any of our content simply go into our YouTube Channel here

How do I report a technical issue with your website?

You can first seek some help tips via our Technical Issue Tips page and if this doesn’t fix the problem then please go to our “Report Technical Issue” page and there we will be able to assist you.