Indie Spotlight – The Floor is Jelly Review / Overview

Today’s Indie Spotlight Review / Overview is one on a brand new indie game known as The Floor is Jelly. The game is a very simplistic platformer with characteristics like that of many others, but be sure to watch to find out what truly sets it apart from the rest of the crowd!

The Floor is Jelly Website:

Indie Spotlight is a series where I review and talk about a new indie game that was able to catch my attention and go over why you should/should not buy it along with what kind of people may enjoy the game being talked about.

“Who honestly hasn’t dreamed of filling a swimming pool with jello? I mean, it would probably result in a horrible, painful lungs-slowly-filling-with-jello-death, but it sounds awesome otherwise, right? Thankfully, we have video games to answer these kinds of questions for us lest we try them ourselves.

As much as people would like you to believe that games are art, the simple truth is that they are vanguards to keep us from killing ourselves in stupid ways.

The Floor is Jelly is a game that I started in the middle of the Super Friendship Club’s justice pageant as a way of taking a break from working on my pageant game. It was supposed to be a small, silly experiment to get out of my head and start working on my REAL game.”

-Ian Snyder

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