Mi Mundo Les Anni and Jasmin

For some of you who may not know and does know. Mi Mundo Les was a popular YouTube Channel most known for its daily or should we say over consistent upload of Anni and Jasmin German LGBT Series. It also uploads other LGBT based series. The actual name of the actual series we don’t know but what we do know is that it is a favourite to the LGBT Community. As far as we are concerned this is the description of the series “Anni and Jasmin are the hottest couple on the German telenovela Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten. Anni (Linda Marlen Ruge) arrives in Berlin to study sound”

It’s fair to say that Anni and Jasmin together as a Lesbian Couple in this series are both amazing and some what intriguing to watch. I myself find myself over and over again landing on this channel to catch up on the latest Anni y Jasmin Series and clips. I love Lesbians though am straight but hey whatever floats your boat right.

It came to our attention that Mi Mundo Les YouTube Channel has been shutdown for some YouTube Policies offences that some people might not be sure of and some of us who work regularly or upload content regularly to YouTube know exactly what those policies are especially the ones that could get you fired from a company you never physically signed a contract for, though electronically we can say yes you signed a contract to abide by all claws and laws of online YouTube giant. It’s sad to say Mi Mundo Les does not exist anymore. BTW Mi Mundo Les means My World Lesbian or Les for Short. Mi Mundo Les to My World Les

However on YouTube if you search for Mi Mundo Les you will still see this channels favourite videos across other YouTube Channels of course this uploads were taken from the original channel Mi Mundo Les with no questions asked. We call it stealing lol and yes we all do it to some extent from time to time. Shhh don’t say anything.

Mi Mundo Les YouTube Channel will be missed and it’s legacy on YouTube will be forever there if any of those YouTube videos does not break any of YouTube crazy Policies. Good news is there is an unofficial Anny and Jasmin YouTube channel. Anni and Jasmin New YouTube Channel Click here to watch all of Anni and Jasmin Videos.


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