Welcome to this NEW GAME-CHANGING BATTLEFIELD 1 MODE THAT CHA BOI GOT TO PLAY EARLY! Welcome all, to BATTLEFIELD 1 INCURSIONS GAMEPLAY, a NEW BATTLEFIELD 1 MODE that makes for some EPIC 5v5 Competitive Action that I had a ton of fun with! Today, we’re playing as the AT ASSAULT CLASS, a high-explosive and high-octane class that specializes in taking down enemy vehicles like Armored Cars and Tanks with BIG BOOMS! All of this, happening today in Battlefield 1 Incursions Gameplay, enjoy! 😀 (And huge thank you to EA for sponsoring this video by flying me out to Gamescom and giving me hotel along with the chance to capture + play BATTLEFIELD 1 INCURSIONS GAMEPLAY EARLY!)

What is Battlefield 1 Incursions?

A new competitive Battlefield 1 experience developed in collaboration with the community.
There’s nowhere to hide. No way to retreat. In the Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha, tightly-focused maps set the field for intense, tactical matches designed to test the limits of your skill and teamwork in the crucible of competition. With the inclusion of Battlefield staples like soldier classes and vehicles, this is an experience that draws from everything that makes Battlefield special.

5v5 Focused Battles

Built in collaboration with the community, the Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha brings the authenticity of Battlefield 1 to a contained, small-scale battle. The Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha’s uniquely designed smaller matches make it more than just another mode.

It wouldn’t be Battlefield without vehicles. Much like the Behemoths in the main Battlefield 1 experience, vehicles can turn the tide of an Incursions Closed Alpha match. But they aren’t unstoppable, and destroying an enemy vehicle can be just as decisive as deploying one.

Your choice in kit plays a critical role in the success of your squad, while every destroyed piece of environment can shift the entire momentum of battle. Only the sharpest strategic teams will rise to the top of the competition.

Epic Battlefield Moments

The impact of Only in Battlefield moments lands even harder as every point, every move, and every bullet becomes the difference between victory and defeat. Scoring has been overhauled to create opportunities for dramatic comebacks and nail-biting upsets.

Discover Battlefield 1 Incursions for yourself as it heads to an exclusive Closed Alpha test phase. Invitations will be limited, so register now for the opportunity to be among the first to experience it.

The features, content, and systems of Battlefield 1 Incursions may change between Closed Alpha and its final, finished form. This is just the beginning of a journey where the Battlefield 1 Incursions development team collaborates with the global Battlefield community to craft a long-term competitive experience.

The Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha is unique in that it has both infantry and vehicle combat, large scale destruction, and relies heavily on strategy and teamwork.

The Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha features kits – a subset of the regular classes. Each kit is designed to represent a specialized role on the battlefield, with both unique features and limitations to gameplay. Gameplay from all classes will be represented through these kits in the Closed Alpha. For the Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha we will start with eight kits:

Trench Surgeon: The medic of the team, able to heal and revive fallen team members. Mary

Control Leader: A master of vision denial with smoke grenades en masse, the Control Leader is the backline of the squad and can be spawned on while out of combat.

AT Assault: Specialized in taking out enemy vehicles, the AT Assault is every vehicle operator’s nightmare.

Battle Mechanic: The primary job is to operate the team vehicles. Movement and positioning separate the great vehicle operators from the good.

Mortar Support: Raining down explosives on foes and providing ammo for friends, the Mortar Support is superb at controlling areas from afar.

Raid Leader: Getting up close and personal, the Raid Leader can place spawn beacons for reinforcements.

Shock Assault: Packing a punch against both infantry and vehicles, the Shock Assault is well-rounded in their ability to make things go BOOM!

Proximity Recon: Excels at obtaining information for the team, and using that intel to dispose of enemies up close.


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