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Tatara Samurai (2016) 135 min  |  Action, Comedy, Drama

In 16th century Japan, a young man has to choose between becoming a master steel maker like his father and grandfather before him, or becoming a samurai so that he can help protect his village from attacks by the various clans which want the high-quality steel made there.

Gosuke, born in Tatara Village (famous for its steel), has spent his youth being groomed to become the next Murage (Master Blacksmith). After vicious raids on his village, Gosuke leaves his home behind to become a samurai instead. On the way, Gosuke meets Yohei, who invites him to join the honored Oda Army. Gosuke, terrified during his first real battle, deserts the army and returns home. Back in Tatara, Gosuke meets again with Yohei, who convinces him that swords are relics of the past, and that they must utilize guns, in order to survive the raids. Shinpei, Gosuke’s childhood friend, warns him against guns and his suspicions of Yohei’s true motives, only to be branded as a traitor. Shortly after, Shinnosuke, the leader of the region, is shot by Yohei in cold blood, leaving Gosuke reeling. After all the destruction, Gosuke realizes that true essence of a samurai – honor and compassion – was within him all along, and that as Murage he could do more for Tatara than he ever could by wielding a weapon.

Tatara Samurai Trailer 1 2017 – MovieRipe Trailers

Shun Sugata Anna Ishii Akira Kosuke Toyohara Denden

Director: Yoshinari Nishikôri
Writer: Yoshinari Nishikôri


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