Taylor Swift SPEAKS OUT About Sexual Assault Trial As TIME’s Person Of The Year

This year, Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” isn’t limited to just well, one person.

And honestly, it’s pretty powerful.

The time has finally come. Weeks after Donald Trump claimed he turned down Time’s “possible” offer to be 2017’s Person of the Year, the magazine finally unveiled this year’s cover star and it’s…drum roll please! The Silence Breakers AKA all the women who spoke out against sexual harassment and took over the world with the hashtag ‘Me Too.’

Time’s cover features Taylor Swift, Ashley Judd, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler, and a woman whose face is hidden to represent the women who have yet to come forward with their own stories. After unveiling the cover on the Today Show early Wednesday morning, Time’s editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal opened up to the Today Show about this year’s Person of the Year and noted that the public outcry was one of the fastest-moving social changes we’ve all seen in years.

Let this cover recognition be a small win for women everywhere.
A number of women – aside from the few who posed for the cover – were also featured inside the magazine spread. While some women told stories about their own encounters with sexual assault, Taylor opened up about what happened after her win in court against Denver radio DJ David Mueller over the summer.
In an email interview with Time, Taylor wrote QUOTE, “When the jury found in my favor, the man who sexually assaulted me was court-ordered to give me a symbolic $1. To this day he has not paid me that dollar, and I think that act of defiance is symbolic in itself.”
Not only did Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ title go out to all of the brave women and men who endured and spoke out against sexual misconduct, the whole thing was actually created by women. According to Charlotte Alter, a national correspondent at Time, she tweeted, “This was conceived, reported and written by women. It was fact-checked by women. The video was shot and edited by women. The layout and photo spread were designed by women. It’s one of the reasons I’m proud to work at time.”

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