Top 10 Sexiest K-Manga Moments

Top 10 Sexiest K-Manga Moments

The world of Korean Web toons and Comics is no stranger to the odd sexual moment. In this list we’re counting down the lewdest moments in series like Killing Stalking, He Does a Body Good, What Does the Fox Say?, Bittersweet, Lilith’s Cord, At the End of the Road, The Lady and Her Butler, King’s Maker, Perfect Half, The Third Party, and many more. Cute girls, sexy fellas, boy love, girl love, crazy fight scenes – Its all here.
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#10. A Good Morning
#9. Room Service
#8. The Moment of Realization
#7. The Tattoo
#6. A Royal Favor
#5. Crying wolf
#4. Quiet on the Set
#3, #2, #1: ???


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