War of Rights Gameplay – “The Civil War” (Kickstarter Trailer Footage)

Welcome to War of Rights, where we will be fighting for the future of this great nation upon battlegrounds that Video Games have barely touched!

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What is War of Rights?

To start off, this is a game focusing on the American Civil War, where bullets flew for the disparate causes of their participants. Those that fought for the rights of their states and purported livelihood clashed with those that fought for the rights of the enslaved… and the Federal government’s supremacy. Brothers, fathers, sons, cousins, and friends met in the bloody conflict that has recently been estimated to have taken upwards of 750,000 lives when all was over. But, rather than have newer generations be bored in their history classes with musty books (kids still use books, right?), we at Campfire Games want to engage them in a video game that allows them to learn a lot of important information in an interactive and fun way.

With War of Rights, we are focusing on creating a group-based game with real Napoleonic-era tactics combined with the deadly accuracy of the “newer” weapons available in the period of the Civil War. Uniforms, equipment, artillery, houses, fields, and the locales are all portrayed as faithful as possible to the period we’re showcasing in the game. All of this is thanks to the marvel that is the system of the CRYENGINE®. Players will form companies and regiments and battle each other on the iconic locations of battlefields such as Antietam, South Mountain, and Harper’s Ferry, following the chain of command from the rank and file private all the way up to the Major General.

Now, while making a game that is fun for those playing is certainly a humongous part of our effort, another significant part of our attention is to provide useful and accurate information about the American Civil War. As many educators struggle to teach children who do not find relevance in history, they often find a way via games and other interactive methods that engage their interests and attention. War of Rights is about simultaneously having fun as well as teaching them why it is important that they learn about this conflict, information which they can then use in a classroom setting.

Historical authenticity: War of Rights aims to recreate the events of the Maryland campaign of 1862 during the American Civil War as best as possible.
Vast battlefields: Each battlefield has been carefully researched and recreated in CRYENGINE® close to a 1:1 scale. After all this work, roads, houses, fields and forests of the era will be placed as close as possible to where they existed back in the day.
Key locations: Historical key areas such as the Dunker Church or Burnside Bridge will play a vital part as objectives in both the smaller Skirmishes and in the huge historical battles for players to fight over.
Authentic reload: Reloading a percussion black powder rifle is a time consuming task that will present the player with the choice of continuing the reload or stop and try to win the day with the trusty bayonet when faced with a charging enemy. And as a last minute resort, you might be lucky enough to have a smaller gun on you with a single bullet to save your life.
Realistic ballistics: Rifle flip-up sights will be needed for making shots over greater distances, and players will require mastering the slower bullet speeds of the era.
Fouling: Firing a black powder weapon is a messy affair, and thus your weapon will start fouling as you continue to shoot. The more fouled the weapon becomes, the higher the chance of misfires or delayed fires, which in the battlefield means you won’t live to tell your tale.
Team play is king: War of Rights features regiments with distinct classes such as Private, Sergeant, Colonel and Flag Bearer as well as a regiment-specific tailored respawn system. Players will quickly learn the advantages of sticking together. And later on we’ll introduce two additional branches: Artillery and Cavalry to spice things up.
Chain of command system: The very first version of the chain of command system will be the relation between the officer and his regiment. Each regiment commander is able to issue direct orders such as: charge, fix bayonets, hold your ground and move to, with special buffs to the people obeying (think of it as a morale boost). Later on, we’ll be adding Generals to the field as well. These tactical masterminds will be able to coordinate their units to their fullest potential.


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